Immigration to Spain by Residence Permit

This visa allows its holder to live in Spain or in any country within the Schengen countries, provided that no work is carried out there
Immigration to Spain How to obtain a non-profit Spanish residence permit 
Spanish non-profit residence permit Perhaps many of our dear followers, have no idea what this residence means
Therefore, we suggest you to read this article, so that you can get an idea about this residence, and how you can obtain it

What is the Spanish non-profit residence permit

The Spanish non-profit residence permit allows its holder to live in Spain or in any country within the Schengen countries, provided that no work is carried out there
In other words, the immigrant must have a livelihood from outside Spain

What will I benefit from this residence if I will not work in Spain

good question !! But this visa will not be used if you want to immigrate to Spain in order to work
This visa is of interest to people who go to Spain for tourism, medical treatment or anything other than business
We know that this article will not be liked by the secret immigrant, so he can refer to this topic, which will help him obtain a job contract
A clever trick that a clandestine immigrant can use to get a job contract in Spain

For people who want to reside in Spain for purposes other than work, they will benefit from the following

The right to live in Spain-
Avoid problems that occur in the process of obtaining a tourist visa-
Not to waste time applying for a visa every time-
Enjoy all rights as a legal immigrant in Spain-
Free movement in all Schengen countries-
The owner of this residence is exempt from Spanish fees and taxes-
The renewal of this residence will take place after a year and smoothly, provided that financial resources are available-
Entire family benefits from residence permits-
The possibility of obtaining citizenship after the passage of years-
Children obtain citizenship if they are born in Spain-

What are the conditions for obtaining a Spanish non-profit residence permit-

The owner of this application is required not to be compelled to work in Spain, such as if he is retired, or needs to reside in Spain for treatment or has a permanent work in his country to earn adecent amount from his own-
It is also required to prove his financial capabilities that prevent him from working in Spain, such as
Annual income documents, these documents are issued by companies or organizations and are intended for people who want to obtain Spanish residency
Company certificate proving annual income
Receipt of pension payments has been received if the person is retired
Documents documenting profits from shares or from a company, issued by the Tax Department
A bank statement of 30,000 euros
In the event that there is a family member, 7200 euros should be provided for each person

What are the documents required to obtain this residence

Those wishing to obtain this residence must submit the following documents to the Spanish consulate in his country, which are
A medical certificate proving that the person is free from infectious diseases
medical insurance
The documents proving that he does not need to work in Spain, which we mentioned earlier
A valid passport
During studying the application, it is taken into account the age of the applicant, does he have a home in Spain, and does he have a bank account

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